Talkado NFT Multivendor Marketplace

The Plaform of Endless Possibilities

Talkado is launching an NFT Marketplace to supercharge the Talkado Protocol. The Talkado Multivendor Marketplace will present a new and completely unique direction in collecting NFTs. The single point where creators, buyers, and sellers will be able to come together to trade NFTs. Talkado Coin will be used to make payments, rewards, and incentives in the marketplace. Our aim is to develop a global hub for creators, buyers, and sellers. We are creating a system that will supercharge the Talkado Ecosystem. A system that will be catalyzed increase value for the Talkado Coin.



Total Creators



Mined NFTs




Mint and Sell Real Treasure

We Are Giving New Meaning to NFTs

Talkado NFT Multivendor Market Place will be the first marketplace to add new meaning to NFTs, you will be able to mint real NFTs which will be a rare treasure.
This feature is unique to Talkado NFTs, Talkado coin will be used to pay for NFTs at the Talkado NFT Marketplace, this is mainly designed to increase the value of the Talkado Coin and put the coin in a motion that will only increase scarcity, bearing in mind that the main aim of the Talkado project is to generate regular funding to support the fight against climate change. This we can do by doing regular charitable contributions to NGOs and Charities that promote projects that are in a way protecting our environment and humanitarian crises globally.

NFT Platform Historical Timeline

How We Became Successful

At Talkado we have always challenged the openness of higher possibilities without defining the limits of our teams and products. We have tested our hypotheses about new attempts and mapped out historical timeline that will shape the future of the Talkado Ecosystem. KEEP CHECKING HERE FOR UPCOMING DEVELOPMENT