Talkado Whitepaper


Talkado is a community-driven, automated hyper-deflationary, and an high yield aggregation protocol. Talkado which is a result of a well-researched outcome is a green and intuitive project, which deploys the power of Defi (Decentralized Finance) to fight against climate change and humanitarian crises globally.

The idea behind the coin is to catalyze a revolutionary disruption, decentralization, and democratization of the financial ecosystem.

Factored within the Talkado Smart contract is an automated process that allows the deduction of 10% tax on all transactions that is used to fund the different functions.

Talkado surpasses just coin, as it applies two main utilities, to supercharge the entire network. One of the utilities is the Talkado NFT Multivendor Marketplace with a never-before-seen feature in the NFT Marketplace.

These new features will create an entirely new direction in the NFT collection market, and the Talkado NFT will be the main driver that would be used to create huge transaction volumes within the ecosystem, as the TALK Coin will be deployed as a means of payment, rewards, and deposits on the Talkado NFT platform. 

The second utility Talkado will be deploying is the Talkado Token Launchpad. The Talkado Token Launchpad will aim to correct the existing loopholes observed in most launchpads in the crypto market. It implements entirely new features, that will help ease the hiccups faced by most investors who which to launch their tokens into the crypto market.

This Utility would stimulate an increase in value for the TALK Coin and directly impact the demand for the coin in the exchange market.


Concept Development

The development of the Talkado project was based on different research outcomes that will catalyze a revolutionary disruption, decentralization, and democratization of the financial ecosystem.

Talkado is a green and intuitive financial ecosystem designed with environmental and humanitarian support in mind.

Observations throughout the world revealed that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research confirmed that greenhouse gas emitted by human activities is the primary driver of the speedy climate change. More so, researchers have concluded that the net costs of climate change are likely to be significant and will increase over time.

Talkado has chosen the path of environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies that do not require fossil fuel for mining, which is of serious concern to major investors.  Talkado coin is non minted cryptocurrency.

The founder of Talkado said the “Talkado ecosystem will remain green asTalkado bit to contribute to the fight to limit climate change”. He also said that “exploring ways to support humanitarian crises around the globe will make Talkado a more meaningful coin”.

In addition, Talkado is a community experimentation project. Research shows that community engagement in an ecosystem does amplify the strength of the relations users made with the ecosystem.

Andreas et al, (2020) said, “better together after embarking on a community-driven project”.

To this end, Talkado was created and handed over to the community so that every member of the community can have a say by voting on matters that will drive the ecosystem forward.

About Talkado

What is the Talkado?

Talkado is leveraging a recursive algorithm to incentivize coin holders, robust liquidity, and perennial charity contribution, which would be channeled towards combating climate change and humanitarian crises globally.

Its launch is exclusive to the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol reward Talkado holders with high-yield generation while increasing both liquidity and value. For each trade executed in the Talkado Smart Contract, Talkado functions occur instantaneously. These are Reflection, LP acquisition, Charity contribution, and crushing.

Talkado as a DeFi

Defi (Decentralized Finance) is a system through which financial products are made available on a public decentralized blockchain network. Talkado Coin is the next logical step in the cryptocurrency space and it is set to disrupt the existing financial system.

Finance Accessibility Through Talkado Using DeFi

Opportunities in investment, lending, and borrowing keep springing up. The commercial activities and access opened up by Talkado coins have produced opportunities for individuals to expand their financial bottom line and capacity and bring about an economic paradigm shift.

Severally used cases such as savings and interest-bearing accounts, lending and borrowing, insurance, gaming, staking and derivatives, synthetic assets, and trading have become an avenue and potential for individuals interested in making long term investments to stow their money away while keeping it active in the most dynamic industries. Talkado has in place high profile projects to supper charge its ecosystem.

Talkado Coins Still Have a Long Way to go

Talkado coins and technology will make a measurable impact, but this is still at its developmental stage. There is a huge part of Talkado tokenization to unravel. Even blockchain technology has not reached maximum potential. This means a bright future for all crypto enthusiasts and stakeholders in the Talkado space.

The prospects for Talkado coins are at an all-time high as a Defi project. As of September 2017, the total value of locked-up Defi contracts was US$2.1 million. Between that time and August 2020, the value skyrocketed to about US$6.9 billion. In August alone, Defi contracts experienced a US$2.9 billion increase in value.

Some of the hype around some Defi projects are caused by some traders and enthusiasts who have acted on short-term speculations and resulted in a ripple effect. However, some of the best projects, especially Talkado and its robust ecosystem, will stay around for longer and metamorphose into industry changes.

Talkado For Every Crypto Enthusiast

Talkado as an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol is geared at directly rewarding its holders and, at the same time, increasing liquidity.

This is funded by a 10% tax taken from every transaction on the smart contract.

Talkado hopes to explore this avenue for its stakeholders by availing the opportunity for holders to purchase and hold their coins while adopting strategies that will invariably increase the value of the coin.

Project Mechanism

Project Mechanism

    Talkado as an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol is geared at directly rewarding its holders and, at the same time, increasing liquidity. The Talkado Ecosystem is designed to achieve the main purpose of creating the project which is to play our role in the fight again claimant change and humanitarian crises globally.

The Talkado Coin Project

Talkado Coin - TALK

TALK is the native currency of the Talkado ecosystem. The Talkado coin tracker is called TALK. The Talkado Coin provides a platform for providing funding for NGOs involved in the fight against climate change and humanitarian crises globally. Talkado is embedded with an algorithm that allows automated taxation to be placed on every transaction that takes place on the Smart Contract. 20% of the taxation will be automatically remitted to a charity wallet.

Reward and incentivize community members via an automated mechanism within the Talkado Smart Contract. This process allows the deduction of 30% from 10% of every tax per transaction to be redistributed to Talkado Coin holders’ wallets. It is referred to as a reflection mechanism and the process is automated. If there is a transaction within the Talkado platform, your Talkado coin will keep increasing. This is part of the benefit derivable for simply holding the Talkado coin in your wallet.

The Talkado project mechanism is designed in a unique way that will help drive the price of the coin up, by simply reducing the circulating supply. There is an automated mechanism embedded in the Talkado Smart contract that allows 10% per transaction of Talkado Coin to be sent to the crusher machine. This will invariably help to reduce the circulating supply and as the demand for the Talkado coin increases, the price will automatically increase.

The idea is to help create an avenue for Talkado community members to enjoy the benefit of being a part of the Talkado family, by availing the opportunity for them to purchase and hold their coins while adopting strategies that will invariably increase the value of the TALK Coin, with demand for it increasing, while the circulating supply of the Talkado Coin keeps decreasing.

One of the mechanisms deployed by Talkado to reduce circulating supply was the initial burning of 70 quadrillions of TALK Coins, which represented 70% of the total Circulating supply. The Coin crushing event was a strategic deflationary measure put in place to guarantee the Talkado coin sustains its future value.

These deflationary tactics already put in place will help to accelerate the demand curve exponentially, as the supply curve keeps going down. The Talkado NFT Multivendor Marketplace, which is one of the utility products that will help to supercharge the ecosystem, will create high demand for the Talkado coin.

For every NFT created, a quantity of TALK will be wrapped and locked to that NFT, this will remove that quantity of TALK from the circulating supply.

The strategy is to continuously increase the demand for TALK say push demand from D1 to D2 as shown in the graph below and create an enabling environment for the Talkado Community to increase their purchasing power through trading of NFTs in the multivendor marketplace, holding their TALK in their wallets, and wrapping more TALK to NFT during NFT minting. That will push quantity purchased say from Q1 to Q2 as shown in the graph below.  The strategy will also result in reducing supply from S0 to S1 since TALK total supply is fixed (30 Quadrillion) and the process of trading, deflationary mechanism, and wrapping more TALK from the Market (Locking TALK to NFT during NFT minting) will only lead to a reduction in supply - S0 to S1.  as shown in the graph below. Implementing this unique strategy will have a strong positive impact on price increase (P1 to P2) for the TALKADO COIN.

As TALK decreases in supply and demands increase, the value of Talkado Coin will keep rising.

Talkado Coin Utility

1. Payment

Talkado is not just a coin. It is a massive project that has been embedded with other utilities that will help boost the project and add value to the system. There are amazing benefits community members and any investor who purchases the Talkado coin will derive.

Talkado Coin will be used as a means of Payment for processing transactions online. Talkado community members can use Talkado coin as medium of payment for products and services.

2. Funding NGOs

Talkado is all about helping to mitigate the impact of climate change and humanitarian crises globally. The Talkado coin will also be used for funding NGOs who are helping to tackle climate change and humanitarian crises globally.

3. Means of Incentivizing

The Talkado coin will be used as a means of incentivizing members who are TALK Coin holders.

4. Access Talkado NFT Marketplace

TALK Coin will be used as a means of payment, rewards, and deposits on Talkado NFT platform.

5. Wrap NFTs

Talkado coin will not only be used as an online payment cryptocurrency on other partnering platforms. But it will be used to wrap NFTs created on the Talkado NFT Marketplace. Creators and sellers will have the options to lock an amount of TALK to an NFT. The benefit this will bring will be massive to the coin performace in the Marketplace and to the NFTs created on the Talkado Marketplace platform  

Benefits of the Talkado Project

1. Completely Autonomous and Decentralised

Talkado ecosystem was designed to provide massive benefits to the Talkado Community. Talkado is a system built to automatically carry out the functions it said it will do without any human interference. It is an automated trustless decentralized ecosystem that allows the community and team to focus on marketing and the next development plan.

2. Automated Frictionless High-Yield Generation

This system encourages the Talkado community of holders by incentivizing their actions. Talkado holders, in turn, support the Talkado project to make it a sustainable movement. Just by holding the Coins, they earn passive rewards. The static dividends are automatically and instantly delivered to Coin holders’ (from the 30% on the tax from every transactions) wallets in real-time whenever transactions are executed and auto-compound with each subsequent trade or transfer.

3. Un-Ruggable Liquidity

Talkado liquidity pool is a collection of locked funds in a smart contract. Talkado will maintain a robust liquidity pool to facilitate seamless trading. 40% on every transaction will go into the 10years locked liquidity.

As previously mentioned, the Talkado project adds 40% of the 10% tax to its liquidity (Talkadopool) on every transaction. These Coins are locked in a contract, where they can’t be transferred, creating an ever-increasing amount of liquidity.

4. Automated Deflationary Coin

Talkado's devlopers have already hard coded in to the Talkado's smart contract for 10% of the tax on every transaction to be automatically sent to the crusher machine. The crushed coins will forever be destroyed and can never be retrieved. This method implies that the total quantity of Talkado will continue to reduce over time. Talkado has employed an algorithm to control deflation and exponentially increase scarcity and the value of the coin. The more you use the Talkado platform, the more value you create for it. Moreso, Talkado will from time to time announce coin crushing events to further reduce the Total Supply, this will result in a stronger, better and scarcer coin

5. Team Members Coin Allocation

Team members will not have any coins allocated to them. This will eliminate the fear of dumping from the team. To enable Team members to become Talkado coin holders, the Team members will have to get involved in the sales, same as every member of the community. The development team will receive a payment after the sale.  

6. Low Transaction Charges

Talkado was designed for the Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap to offer users a meager gas fee experience.

7. Decentralized

Talkado is decentralized, exclusive, and secured on the Binance Smart Chain platform. The platform ensures a completely safe place to hold Talkado Coins or perform transactions without data breaches.

8. Fast Processing Speed

Since Talkado is Operating on the Binance Smart Chain Protocol, it means one can carry out transactions at the snap of a finger or in the blink of an eye. Zero worries over an over-saddled network.

9. Pleasant User Experience

The Talkado project has you at the center of every process. Talkado aims to provide an enjoyable and breathtaking experience on the Talkado platform by ensuring a highly intuitive user interface.

As part of its goal of ensuring its users find real-life applications within the Talkado project, plans are already at an advanced stage to initiate the Talkado NFT Multivendor Marketplace. It is a platform that will come with its own Whitepaper and will contain exclusive features that have never been seen in the NFT Niche market.

The Talkado NFT will create high demand on every NFT created within the Talkado platform. Some quantity of Talkado will be locked within each NFT created. The price of Talkado will directly impact the price of each NFT. The Talkado coins embedded within each NFT will be locked in a period. This will add value to the Talkado coin. Users will also be able to wrap NFT’s with Talkado, even as the price of Talkado is expected to increase.

As users purchase each Talkado NFT, they will uncover the gem (Talkado Coin) within each NFT. The Talkado NFT will ultimately become the biggest game-changer within the Talkado ecosystem, as it will inject high volume transactions from top to bottom and cause an upsurge in demand for the Talkado (TALK) Coin in the market.

As the transaction rate increases, the reflection rate will equally increase. The NFT Platform will be the secret code that will unleash the Talkado revolution within the entire crypto market.

10. Giving Back

Talkado is not just a Coin project. Talkado is also a community that never stops giving. Talkado cares about every stakeholder on its platform. Through you, Talkado can accomplish so much. Talkado's vision is beyond making a profit. Talkado aims to make an impact on the Talkado community in a global sense. Talkado would support charitable causes such as disaster aversion, improved education for all, better health, resettling refugees, etc.

The Talkado community will have the right to vote on how the funds been raised will be utilized and what charitable causes Talkado should support. What percentage of the fund in the charitable wallet should be donated out to any charity?

Part of Talkado Cardinal Focus is Charity

Talkado Cardinal Focus

Talkado vision is beyond making a profit. Talkado aims to make an impact on the Talkado community in a global sense. Talkado would support charitable causes such as disaster aversion, improved education for all, better health, resettling refugees, etc.

You are free to make a direct donation to the charity wallet. It can accept  TALK, BNB, and BSUD in Binance Smart Chain Network or Eth in Ethereum Network.


To check  the fund in the wallet address CLICK HERE 

The Talkado community will have the right to vote on how the funds been raised will be utilized and what charitable causes Talkado should support. What percentage of the fund in the charitable wallet should be donated out to any particular charity.

Selected Charitable Partner

Talkado has started building partnerships with selected charities and NGOs. Talkado first charitable partner is PIN

Talkado is constantly bombarded with the heartbreaking news of hundreds of migrants dying in the Mediterranean Sea in their bid to search for a better life.

PIN – People Immigration Network an NGO registered in Italy and with the main aim of helping immigrants to integrate better into society and to save a life by creating awareness.

Talkado partnering with PIN will help Talkado coin to gain more popularities 

Talkado Built On BSC

Talkado On Binance Smart Chain

For a Defi project to be deemed successful, one crucial consideration is what blockchain protocol to adopt.

An excellent choice for blockchain protocol should offer a fast, affordable, user-friendly, and reliable platform for decentralized applications. Binance Smart Chain has one of the speediest blockchain transaction times and low Talkado transaction fee structures, which makes building Defi apps on the protocol so appealing for developers.

For us at Talkado, it also means Talkado users can transact with speed and the low Talkado possible charges on the blockchain, in line with Talkado vision. Building Talkado Protocol on the Binance smart chain means the transaction fees are extremely low compared to that of Ethereum and bitcoin.

The processing time of Talkado is within 5 seconds/block time resulting in very low fees. While BTC and ETH are still utilizing the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol that involves miners to deploy high computing power, Talkado adopted the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA)which results in high transaction speed and much lower cost per transaction.

It’s a win-win situation for the Talkado community, as users transact within the fastest and most affordable protocol

Talkado Tokenomics

  • Maximum supply – 100,000, 000, 000, 000, 000 TALKS
  • Total supply – 30%
  • Initial Crushed – 70%S
  • 10years Locked Liquidity – 40% of TAX
  • Reflection – 20% of TAX
  • TAX – 10% on Every Transaction

Transparency - Click to view on BscScan

Talkado  Contract Adress

Charity Wallet Address

Crusher Machine Address

Scarcity Activation - Transaction Hash



The main goal of this project is to fund climate change and help mitigate humanitarian crises globally. This we intend to achieve through a system that would continuously provide the funds needed to support NGOs and charities.

The process will involve creating an automated mechanism that will continuously remit a percentage of the tax to a dedicated charity wallet. This will also serve as a source of earning for Talkado Coin holders. To ensure this incentivizing mechanism will run concurrently, we decided to add a new feature via the Talkado NFT Multivendor marketplace. It will be a hub where creators can easily wrap TALK Coins to NFT'S, thereby reducing the circulating supply.

This will create a win-win scenario for all community members, with an assured future value for the TALK Coin which will directly impact the value of the coin in the market.

Future Development Plan

Part of Talkado future development plans will include unveiling some high-profile products that will not only add value to the Talkado Platform but will supercharge the entire ecosystem. The major product Talkado is planning to launch into the market is the Talkado Token sale Launchpad.

The Talkado Sale Launchpad will hopefully address the loopholes already in existing launchpads. The Talkado Token sale Launchpad is earmarked for Launch in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

Pushing Beyond the Next Phase

Talkado is decentralized, exclusive, and secured on the Binance Smart Chain platform. The platform ensures a completely safe place to hold Talkado Coins or perform transactions without data breaches.

To this end, hold the Talkado coin and see the quantity of your coin in your wallet increase exponentially. When you trade Talkado coin, you are writing your name on the hall of fame of those who are truly helping to save the environment and make the world a better place.

Talkado Roadmap

  • • Protocol Initialized ✔️💯
  • • Smart Contract Verification✔️💯
  • • Initial Coin Burning ✔️💯
  • • White Paper & Website launch ✔️💯
  • • Consultation - Coingecko & CMC Listings✔️💯
  • • Growth ✔️💯
  • • Marketing and Social campaigns✔️💯
  • • Partnership with PIN INITIATED✔️💯
  • • Airdrop Stage1 Commence❌
  • • Talkado Presale✔️💯
  • • Airdrop Stage1 Airdrop Distribution❌
  • • Marketing and Social Campaigns✔️
  • • Smart Contract Audit✔️💯
  • • Airdrop Stage2❌
  • • Talkado Public Sale Commence✔️💯
  • • Airdrop Stage2 Distribution❌
  • • Community 1st Vote✔️💯
  • • Exchange Listing Commence✔️
  • • Update of Talkado website✔️💯
  • • Update of Talkado Whitepaper✔️💯
  • • Future Development Plan Reveal✔️
  • • NFT minting and Marketplace🌟📌
  • • Token Sale Lauchpad Whitepaper revealed
  • • Development of ecosystem
  • • Implementation of community ideas
  • • Expansion of Partnership
  • • Expansion of Marketing and Social Campaigns